Welcome To Sunrise Garage

Exclusive Service

Sunrise Garage specialises in vehicle repairs. The business is family-owned and family-run, headed by Joseph Mifsud. We know that having a car is indispensable.


That is why we believe that repair jobs should be done thoroughly, meticulously and immediately.


To this end, we devote all our energies into providing clients with the finest workmanship and an excellent service.


We owe the growth and reputation of our business to our devotion to meeting clients’ needs. No job is too large or too small.

Sunrise Garage will undertake a variety of different tasks to provide an exclusive service. We are also qualified in matte as well as silky finishes, applying the same professional techniques utilized by renowned car manufacturers worldwide. Through overseas training, coupled with extensive experience and the use of quality products, we make sure that our clients remain satisfied for years following the vehicle's proud exit from the workshop.


Clients may also rest assured that their vehicles are in a safe environment with excellent security in place.

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